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Review Rider Information

Product reviews are very important to us. When you are registered as a product review rider with, your review will be posted to the website. These reviews will be able to be "shared" across social media platforms. At this time, reviews will be aiding our Kickstarter campaign achieve funding. Reviews will be edited for grammatical errors, and open for monitored commenting. FenderBags provided to review riders will have to be returned to us. Review and feedback information will help with the following:
  • Feedback and product reviews will help with future product designs and development.
  • Reviews provide real, in the field, feedback from a variety of riding scenarios and riders.
  • Reviews from a variety of riders allow other riders to identify with a similar riding styles and see mutual benefits.
  • Reviews will help with our Kickstarter campaign, providing insight about our product for backers.
  • Reviews posted on the site will be able to be shared, spreading the word about as part of our marketing campaign.

Requirements For Becoming a Review Rider:

test rider for fenderbag
  • Ride a full suspension mountain bike, any brand of bike is fine.
  • Access to dirt riding or riding that can show off the product.
  • Be able to provide a picture of you and your bike with a FenderBag on it.
  • Take a short video clip of you and your bike with a FenderBag, not mandatory but encouraged.
  • Have a Google account or login.
  • Have a Facebook account or "other" social media presence. 
  • Be willing to allow us to share your review on social media platforms.
  • Be willing to share your review post to your social platforms, not mandatory but encouraged.

Review Rider Application Here

Incentives For Becoming a Review Rider:

All Review Riders:
Any full suspension cyclist who is approved to write a product review post.
  • Is eligible for a FREE product (one FB) once the Kickstarter "goal" has been met.
Additional Bounces
  • Discount product coupons are available for posts that the author shares to their social media page(s). Negotiable.
  • Additional products or discount coupons are available to riders that create an Approved Video and post it to their Youtube account. We will include the video within our playlist.
  • Additional products or discount coupons are available to riders that create an Approved Video and deliver it to us. It becomes our property and we have the right to promote this video, (through advertising). Negotiable.
Professional and Semi-Professional Riders

We are interested in working with professional level riders and providing incentives for a product review(s), images and video(s). At this time we have not worked out incentive details. Please inquire and we would be happy to discuss how we could work together.

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