The FenderBag Kickstarter Campaign

Get Your FenderBag First!

 Kickstarter Campaign Success!

Our FenderBag Kickstarter campaign has successfully completed. Our goal of $3,000 was reached on Sunday, June 10th. This campaign will enable us to launch a first run of FenderBags into production!  See the results of the Kickstarter campaign. Our backers will be the first to receive FenderBags. Our gratitude to these early supporters of the FenderBag project will be graciously remembered.

Moving into Production
As promised, the actual run of FenderBags will included all the improvements as outlined. The production run wheels are already in motion. We are working to make all the pieces fall into place so our backers can have their FenderBag on their bike by the end of July.

FAQs & more information on becoming a Kickstarter! 

What do I need to do to be one of the first to get a FenderBag? What do I need to do to become a Kickstarter?

  • Sign up with the above form and receive an invitation to become a Kickstarter.  
  • Receive updates on the FenderBag Kickstarter campaign launch and progress.
  • Complete the Kickstarter invitation as soon as you receive it (link via Email), including a payment of $69 (European shippiping address €79). This amount includes your FenderBag, shipping and applicable VAT. You will receive your FenderBag by end-July 2018.
  •  We welcome your feedback about your FenderBag!

What do I get by becoming a Kickstarter?

  • Be one of the first to get a limited edition FenderBag, by end July 2018.
  •  Have exclusive access to information about the Kickstarter Campaign and FenderBag.  

What is the FenderBag Kickstarter campaign? Why is it so important?

  •  It is a crowd sourced, first financing round for FenderBag.
  • Our FenderBag Kickstarter campaign will run 30 days during which we aim to raise $2,500. As you help us reach our goal (which can be sooner than 30 days) we will launch production and ship the limited edition FenderBags to our Kickstarters (you).
  • You can expect to receive your limited edition FenderBag by the end of July, 2018.

What happens if production cannot be launched or is delayed significantly? Can I get my money back?

  • If, for some unforeseen reason, we are not in the position to deliver your FenderBag by end July, you will have the option to receive a refund of your Kickstarter Campaign contribution.

Can I look at or complete the Kickstarter campaign application now?

  • Please sign up using the above form to be informed of the Kickstarter launch.

Is FenderBag patented and / or trademarked?

  •    It has the status of Patent Pending.

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