FenderBag Specifications

FenderBag Specs:

The Premier FenderBag design comes in two sizes. A large and a small/medium. The large is designed to fit on large frame size and the small/medium fits on small/medium frame sizes. However, you can use the small FenderBag on the large frame with all the same great features. It's just a smaller capacity bag. The large FenderBag may also fit on the smaller frame size so long as you have the required space to accommodate the FenderBag.

Design Application:

The Premier FenderBag has been designed as a day ride accessory bicycle bag and fender. This model is not designed for bicycle touring. Use of the FenderBag is appropriate for mountain biking, or any style of cycling that the FenderBag fits. You will discover that the FenderBag is very versatile.

Although the Premier FenderBag was designed for full suspension bikes, it does fit on many hardtail bikes as well, including other frame types besides mountain bikes. The small FenderBag is very versatile and fits many frame styles. The only restricting feature is that your frame must have 6.5 inches of center to center space to accommodate the straps. See how to attach the FenderBag.

LARGE FenderBag:

Total weight:       6.7 oz / 190g
Volume:              180 cubic inches / 2.9 liters
Fender Length:   18.5" / 47cm


Total weight:      5.9 oz / 168g
Volume:             100 cubic inches / 1.6 liters
Fender Length:  15" / 41cm

How to attach the FenderBag to your bike:

Mounting the FenderBag on your bike is really simple. View how to attach the FenderBag

 *As with all accessories, working parts and attachments on a bicycle, always check to make sure your FenderBag is securely fastened to the seat tube/post. FenderBag does not warranty any malfunctions due to improper attachment to the bike.

Special Note ** We do have a clamp that has been designed for the FenderBag. The clamp would be designed to replace one strap position. The other velcro strap would remain (no clamp), or be updated. Please comment on the blog, regarding your opinion on using a clamp or not.

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