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Becoming an equity investor of FenderBag

At this stage, becoming an equity investor is certainly riding the wave of opportunity. We do look forward to having you become a part of this developing trend and experiencing the wealth of its success. To express your interest in the opportunity to become an equity investor, please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Sieze the chance to participate in this "diamond in the rough".

What is FenderBag?

We are an innovative, new cycling accessory company out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is our mission to create and deliver only the highest quality products. Our launch product, "The FenderBag" is a unique design concept and new solution to "get stuff off your back". The FenderBag does this by doubling as a lightweight carrying bag for essentials (like your tool-kit, gloves & mobile device etc.) and a fender too.

The source of FenderBag's success?

Our launch product, The FenderBag (premiering at Outerbike in Moab, UT, April 6-8, 2018), is a unique solution designed by Doug and Kathleen, a team with over 60 years of cumulative professional cycling experience. As FenderBag gets traction in the market, we are confident it will become a standard, "must have" carrying solution, not only for full-suspension mountain bikers but cyclists across the board.

More product info?

Cruise our web-site and view the videos and testimonials. And, of course, we are pleased to hear from you with feedback and questions! kat@fenderbag.com 

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