Attaching The FenderBag

The FenderBag attaches to your bicycle seat tube/post. 

The Velcro straps with silicon adhesive hold the FenderBag in place.

FenderBags don't fit all bikes. They do fit most bikes, which includes:
  • Full suspension, double triangle geometry bikes. If you have the required space on your seat tube/post, they will fit. They fit cross-country style bikes the best. They will fit on most enduro style bikes. They usually won't fit on downhill-specific style bikes. They do fit on many small full-suspension frames.
  • Hardtail mountain bikes. They will fit any hardtail bike so long as the seat tube/post has the required space. Hardtails with "open" seat stays or other styles can accommodate the FB.
  • Road style frames. Your bike must meet the space required to accommodate the FenderBag. 
  • Kids bikes. They will fit if there is enough space. They even fit on Strider bikes and look cool too.

Steps to mount your FenderBag on your bike:
a. Clean the area with alcohol. The cleaner you keep the contact area, the better the silicone will grip.
b. Hold the FenderBag at the desired location.
mounting the FenderBagb. Make any necessary adjustments to your seat post. Seat post dropper collars must be raised enough to accommodate the top strap. 
c. Secure the velcro straps so that maximum silicone is in contact with the bicycle's tubing.

Space requirement needed to mount a FenderBag

Center to center placement of

Large FenderBag: 8 inches / 20cm

Small FenderBag: 6.5 inches / 16.5cm

Make sure the FenderBag sits high enough above
the rear
 wheel to allow for full travel of the rear suspension. 


straighten the fenderbag
1. Make sure you have placed the FenderBag far enough above the rear tire so that it does not interfere when the rear suspension is activated. Try adjusting the rear suspension to a soft setting and push down on the saddle to activate the rear suspension. Readjust the placement of the FenderBag, if necessary.

2. Make sure the FB is straight. Stand behind your bike and look to see that the FenderBag is squarely above the rear tire. Release the Velcro straps, adjust, and retighten the Velcro straps to make any corrections. Do not pull the bag from side to side without releasing the Velcro straps. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the silicon embedded on the straps.

* As with all accessories, working parts and attachments on a bicycle, always check to make sure your FenderBag is securely fastened to the seat tube/post. FenderBag does not warranty any malfunctions due to improper attachment to the bike.

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