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The FenderBag Idea

FenderBag developed out of Doug's do-it-yourself need for custom outdoor gear. Kathleen, long-time friend, along with other local Steamboat Co., residents identified Doug's early FenderBag prototypes as a really "great product". This recognition inspired Doug Demusz to submit patent filings and begin to take steps towards the development of FenderBag as a company.

Moving along...  

Consumer Ready FenderBags

FenderBags became available for sale this past May 2019. That makes them a “new” product. Not only are they a new product but an original product, designed and developed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This product did not just pop up overnight. FenderBags were in the research and development phase for over four years prior to the recent sales release. If you are a Steamboat resident, they are something to be proud of. Not only have they been designed and created in the United States. They are designed and created in Steamboat Springs

The earliest prototypes were very crude indeed. Which included a rough combination of a sawed up fender with a custom bag glued on. Although this model was a far cry from the current model, it was the first step towards making the FenderBag what it is today. 

Doug Demusz and Kathleen Fitzsimmons, both longtime (over 30 years) Steamboat locals and friends, lifetime mountain bikers and cycling enthusiasts, worked together to make this design a reality. Doug came up with the design concept; however, Kathleen took the steps forward to bring the product to the market place. Developing the custom fender, refining the bag, upgrading to high-end rivets, and incorporated the custom silicone strap attachment system. Creating a business plan, plus developing all the digital functions a modern business requires.

At this time there are plans for other models; however, the main focus continues to be this initial FenderBag design.  Keep in touch, leave a review, sign up for the newsletter, or just keep riding. Check out the review rider program if you really want a FenderBag but you just can't afford one.

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