About Us

The FenderBag Idea

FenderBag developed out of Doug's do-it-yourself need for custom outdoor gear. Kathleen, long-time friend, along with other local Steamboat Co., residents identified Doug's early FenderBag prototypes as a really "great product". This recognition inspired Doug to submit patent filings and begin to take steps towards the development of FenderBag as a company.

About Doug Demusz

As well as being the inventor of the FenderBag and a former professional cyclist, Doug has worked in bike shops in both retail sales and repairs, competed in events across the spectrum from road to downhill and is a year-round cyclist, riding, commuting, touring and living car-free since ’03.

Doug has extensive do-it-yourself experience, designing and creating innovative items in wood, metal, plastic, and fabric.  Supporting his outdoor lifestyle with an entire line of tents, backpacks, specialty bags and outdoor clothing as well as bicycle specific designs like frame bags, lightweight touring bags, and a bike mounted ski rack for the colder months.

 Mountain Biking, it happened and is

Kathleen 1990 National Slalom WinnerBoth Doug and Kathleen have a lengthly history as competitive mountain bikers. They both raced professionally in the '90s and continue to ride, tour and generally embrace the cycling lifestyle. Their mutual cycling passion and strong friendship developed into the company partnership that is bringing the FenderBag to life.

Partner, Kathleen Fitzsimmons

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In addition to being a successful mountain bike racer, cyclist and a passionate outdoor enthusiast, Kathleen has a Bachleor's Degree in IT and has over 10 years of experience working in the online marketing industry. Becoming the business development and marketing leader has been a natural fit for her. Developing a product that is so much a part of her identity paves a one-way road to success. There is no other career path that she would rather be on at this time.

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