Large FenderBag on Small Hardtail 29nr

By Kat Fitzsimmons - July 01, 2020

FenderBag's Versatile Attachment 

The FenderBag (FB) is a novelty and many don't know what to think of these very useful
lrg FenderBag mounted on small 29nr hardtail
Large FenderBag on Small 29nr Hardtail
mountain bike accessories. Do they work? Will they fit on my bike? Well, they don't fit on all bikes but they do fit on many. Due to the simplicity of their attachment system, they are malleable and therefore fit on a variety of bike frames. As seen in this image of a large FenderBag fitted onto a small frame size 29nr hardtail. This large FenderBag's lower strap has been adjusted to fit around the seat tube connection lug of the two triangles. This brings the FB down lower and allows for plenty of space for the FenderBag on the seat post. As you can see, there is plenty of room to access the FB, and It doesn't interfere with the saddle. The fender is an adequate distance from the tire as well. This position makes the FenderBag very stable and rides nicely. 

This is exciting news for the small frame size hardtail mountain bike rider. If you are looking for additional cargo space on your small frame, the large FenderBag will fit. Have you tried riding with less weight on your back? Well, now you have options. Purchase FBs here.

large FenderBag on small 29nr mountain bike frame
Large FenderBag 

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