FenderBag on Lockdown

By Kat Fitzsimmons - April 15, 2020

The Influence of COVID 19 on FenderBag Enthusiast, Dale Conlin

Dale Conlin purchased a FenderBag last spring as he saw that the large FenderBag would fit nicely on his folding paratrooper bicycle. He especially liked how it would make use of space on his bike otherwise not utilized. Dale lives in New York and he has not been wasting any time while on lockdown due to COVID 19. Although unable to go bike touring, he has been using this time to get ready. For Dale, that meant creating a custom jumbo-sized FenderBag. 

He recently reached out to me with photos of his homemade FenderBag. His custom jumbo FenderBag design was inspired by the original FenderBag he purchased. Being so impressed by the design concept and the ability to use precious available space on his bike, he was inspired to maximize this utilization and go big, and I love it!

It’s great to see our enthusiasm play out, even if it’s a one-off custom style. Dale’s jumbo-sized FenderBag includes rear struts for extra strength, which will certainly add to this FB. This custom design has enabled him to
also use a jumbo saddlebag. This combination provides Dale with more than ample room for all his gear. All the while maintaining an aerodynamic, sleek assembly that incorporates fender protection and low center of gravity position for his gear. I love to see this kind of enthusiasm with the FenderBag design concept. Mostly, I’m impressed that creating a custom-designed FenderBag is Dale’s first choice of activities during the lockdown. Thanks for sharing Dale, and best of luck once you escape lockdown and are able to hit the touring trail!

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