Rishi Grewal Likes FenderBags

By gerard - October 11, 2019

Rider Name: Rishi Grewal  

Bicycle Brand Type: Specialized, multiple bikes

Rider Bio:  Multiple title holder road and off-road

Product Review:

This summer I tested the new version of the large Fenderbag. I did my best to put it through the paces with some long brutal rides that would make anyone lose and tired by the end. The new version was much better as compared to a previous prototype that I had tried.

First and foremost the Fenderbag works great and holds a small to medium size load securely. The addition of two compression straps allows you to cinch down the fender unto the bag. Making your load really tight, no giggle. The Fenderbag worked really well with my seat dropper post too. Plus the added protection of the fender helped keep mud off the post and rear shock area.  We all know how things fail from mud and grit. The Fenderbag lives up to its name in this respect, as it kept a lot of grit and mud away from vital parts.  

Seat bags get full of grit and caked-on mud, making the zipper or fasteners difficult to open and often fail. You’ll never experience losing your repair tools to the trail with a FenderBag. The fender keeps grit off the bag area and protects the fabric from wear. I found it easy to get to items in the Fenderbag too. No uncomfortable squatting when opening or wrestling with snaps and zippers crusted with mud.

The Fenderbag stayed out of the way on big drops and also I never really knew it was there, even getting way back off the saddle caused no problems at all.  In fact, the FenderBag ads extra protection when off the back of the saddle. 

To sum the test up I was very pleased that the bag worked so well and provided fantastic protection and storage capability.  It is due time a new product that is well-thought out comes along. With the new improvements, I am very pleased with the product.  

How did it fit on your bike?

The fit was really good and allowed the dropper to still work and protected the dropper from mud as well. 

How hard was it to setup?

The Fenderbag has two straps so it just takes a minute, and it fits a lot of gear if needed.
Did it bottom out or interfere with your riding at all?

No interference at all from the bag, although my dropper may not have gone all the way it was still adequate for the amount of storage and protection offered by the Fenderbag.  Even big drops behind the seat were really easy and I never hit the bag as the fender sits a few inched below the bag itself.

How easy was it to get stuff in and out?

The bag works really well to get in and out as it has two compression straps that can tighten and loosen the load as needed, Great design and the product works great.  Even with muddy cold hand I was able to work the bag just fine.

Any ideas for improving it?

I liked the old first version but the new version is much improved and holds the bag in place really well, is lightweight, carries a lot of stuff and protects the important areas as well as keeps the bag and contents dry.....great design.
What should our next model be for?
     Hardtail MTB's - Yes
     Road/Gravel - Yes
     Fat Bikes - Yes
     Extra Large/Touring - Yes

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