Why Tara Cusack rides with a FenderBag

By Tara Cusack - September 19, 2019

Rider Name: Tara Cusack

Bicycle Brand Type: Giant - Liv Lust (small frame)

Rider Bio: XC rider that enjoys flowy and jumpy descends. 

General Product Review:

Over the past couple of years I've slowly been adding different components to my mountain bike that aim to enhance my riding experience, however, I realized that I didn't have a good way of storing the tools/parts needed for fixing those components on the trail. I usually just threw everything in a small backpack and went out for my ride. After doing some really long (and hot!) rides, I decided that I no longer wanted to wear my pack and looked at frame storage options...that's where Fenderbag came to the rescue!

Between the bag and three straps, I'm able to store everything I need directly on the frame. I've been very pleased with the quality of the Fenderbag and the strap's ability to hold items secure. I will say that I did have a little issue with the fender slapping my rear tire when descending a trail with jumps. I ended up adding a small strap to the base of my seat that I can wrap the around the fender when needed. Other than that, it's been a great addition and has certainly enhanced my riding experience. 

Tell Us About:

How did it fit on your bike? Fine and the straps are great at staying in place.

How hard was it to setup? Not hard at all.
Did it bottom out or interfere with your riding at all? I did experience the tire slap, but was able to secure the bag by using a small strap. 

How easy was it to get stuff in and out? Very easy.

Any ideas for improving it? Nope.
What should our next model be for?
     Hardtail MTB's -
     Road/Gravel -
     Fat Bikes -
     Extra Large/Touring -

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