FenderBags are Available For Sale

By Kat Fitzsimmons - April 15, 2019

Wait No Longer - FenderBags are For Sale

It's been a long slow road, but we have a limited supply of FenderBags. This run of FenderBags is good and we think you will be pleased. The FenderBag design has been made to last, and take the abuse that mountain biking can dish out. Best part is the new strap system. The attachment straps can be adjusted to meet the size and shape of any modern mountain bike tubing sizes. Plus you can buy extra straps, as the straps are removable in addition to being adjustable. That means you can mount your FenderBag to a variety of bikes in a variety of ways.

Check out the "Fit On Your Bike" page to make sure a FenderBag will work for you. 

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