New FenderBag Protoypes

By Kat Fitzsimmons - September 04, 2018

Next Generation FenderBag - are here

new prototype small fenderbagYes, we do have new prototypes! The fender was redesigned and the bag has had some modifications too. The new fender was straightened a few inches before the tail. This change allows for better clearance on full suspension mountain bikes and accommodates more bike geometries. The large FenderBag is still going to fit best on the large frame sizes and the small FenderBag will fit on medium and large frame sizes. The new small fender design will also accommodate more frame styles; however, it will not fit the smallest full suspension frame styles. We will all have to wait for the third design to come out. 

Bag Design Improvements

The bag has some new features that will help frame fit as well. The straps are the biggest change. They are now removable and very adjustable. Currently we are featuring a top and bottom strap. Each strap can extend and be shortened to fit many different seat/post tube sizes. Different strap lengths will most likely be developed for a more refined fit. When these are available you can get one and use it on  the FenderBag you currently have. Additionally, the straps have silicone gripper on them. This is the same material used on our basic frame strap. It enables attaching the FenderBag with out having to use the silicone tape; however, we are still recommending that you use the silicone tape, at least on the lower strap position, for best stability.

new large fenderbag prototype

A Few More Design Tweaks

We need to make a few more tweaks to the fender design. So we are back at the drawing board and consequently, the delivery of the FenderBag has slowed down a little. We apologize about this delay. However, I think we all would rather have a quality product then rush this out the door. We greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. If you have questions or comments please contact us or make a blog post comment. 

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