Rishi Grewal Loves the FenderrBag

By gerard - April 03, 2018

Rider Name: Rishi Grewal

Bicycle Brand Type: Specialized Enduro

Rider Bio: Rishi Grewal, a former professional mountain bike racer. His very successful racing career spanned from the early '80s through the 2010s. 

General Product Review:
Rishi Grewal FenderBag on Bike

This is a fantastic cycling accessory! I loved the the FenderBag; it worked great for multiple uses. It took all kinds of abuse and still kept my back dry and my gear clean.

What a great idea this is. I hope to see the production version soon, as I will surely outfit my entire bicycle fleet with FenderBags. 

It was easy to install and had a great feature to keep it from moving around. I really wish I had these bags earlier when I was battling the elements around the globe. Fortunately, I am one of the first to get one and am looking forward to riding with it this season. Back this project on Kickstarter and you to can get one soon. If you wait for retail, they're most likely going to sell out fast. 

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