Eliminate the need for a backpack?

By Unknown - April 07, 2018

Rider Name: Matt Helm/ Colorado Mtb

Bicycle Brand Type: Norco Sight, All Mountain Bike

Rider Bio: Matt Helm started riding mountain bikes at the age of 17 in and around Nashville, TN. While working as a raft guide on the Ocoee and Chattooga Rivers in the southeast he biked all over the Appalachian Mountains until moving to Colorado in 2001. He has biked all over Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. He lives in Steamboat Springs, CO, and teaches Special Education at the local high school. He is married with two girls and a baby boy. He also started a small YouTube channel, Colorado Mtb about a year ago to try to bring the excitement of new trails and equipment to people at home.  

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Product Review:

I tested the Fender Bag with my 2016 Norco Sight with 140mm of travel in the rear. It looks good and works well, especially around town. I was able to fit a large bike lock, multi-tool, and a few other supplies into the bag with no problem. I see the Fender Bag really working well in more wet conditions either during the winter or mud seasons. It would also be very beneficial to people living in more wet environments.

Would this be able to replace a backpack? I would say not in a way that would be beneficial on long rides, but for 2-4 hour rides it could work great. It would be able to fit tools, a tube, and snacks inside for short trail rides. This is a product that many people could use.

Pros: Easy to attach, looks nice, doesn't move around, and fits quite a few bikes.

Cons: Not big enough for long trips, it does rub sometimes (I'm guessing on shorter travel bikes it wouldn't be a problem.)

Tell Us About:

How did it fit on your bike?
This bag fit on my bike pretty nicely. I had to set it up as high on the dropper seat post as possible to keep it from rubbing the tire when using the suspension. 

How hard was it to setup?
Setup was easy, and took about 5 minutes to get it dialed.

Did it bottom out or interfere with your riding at all?
It never bottomed out around town, but once or twice going off jumps. It rubbed a little, but did not have any real issues.
How easy was it to get stuff in and out?
It was easy to get stuff in and out, but the zipper was a little hard to get to when it was full and against the seat post. 

Any ideas for improving it?
I think switching the zipper from the front to the back would improve accessibility, and making the plastic fender a little shorter would be good as well.

What should our next model be for?
     Hardtail MTB's- I think a design could really work well for hardtails because the suspension would not change due to to suspension.
     Road/Gravel - I don't really ride either, but I'm sure there's a market.
     Fat Bikes- Extra room for tools is always good with fat bikes.
     Extra Large/Touring

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