Consumer Ready FenderBag Prototypes

By Kat Fitzsimmons - February 23, 2018

The latest Greatest FenderBag Prototypes

Consumer ready fenderbag prototype, angle shot
Ready to be released to our review riders, the FenderBag is here. This is the official Kickstarter model. This model will also  be reviewed by our review riders. Hear what our review riders are saying, and comment if you would like to. We look forward to your feedback and improving the FenderBag. Be one of the first to get a FenderBag, become a Kickstarter.

These photos show a large model FenderBag. A large and small size will be available. The small size is designed to fit on small to medium sized mountain bike frames. The large is for the large frame size; however, you can put the small size on the large frame size. 

These FenderBags have been designed for the full suspension bike frame. They don't interfere with any working parts of the frame. That includes seat dropper posts. Yes, you can even have a seat dropper post and this cargo bag stays out of the way!

Consumer ready FenderBag ready for product testers
Be one of the first to have one on your bike. 

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