Fender Protection

By Doug Demusz - January 21, 2018

Our first model of FenderBag

riding behind the saddle with fenderbagincorporates a small fender designed, with the intent of keeping your gear in a low center of gravity location.  This small arc of plastic does more than you’d think. It won’t keep your backside dry in a pouring rainstorm. Yet, it is in a perfect position to keep the muck and dirt off of your suspension linkage. It will keep the splash from a puddle or small creek crossing off the back of your legs too.  There have been a number of times that I have gone riding without my FenderBag on my bike and missed having it on at the first creek crossing or on a muddy corner where my rear tire unloaded its mud directly on to my calves. It’s not like it is something I’m not used to, but my first thought was “That wouldn’t have happened with my FenderBag on there”.  The fender also helps keep the zipper opening on your FenderBag clear from the muck.  Those of you who use a seat bag should know that its position is right in the spray zone. If you need to get your tools out on a muddy day you should be prepared to get your hands dirty. Back our Kickstarter campaign and be ready.

The other advantage of the FenderBag 

extreme downhill bike riding with fenderbag
is that it can protect you from your rear wheel.  When you are in the off the back of the saddle position on a steep descent there is always the possibility that a big bump will push you down and your wheel up and result in a very un-friendly impact.  I know an enduro racer who told me that after one such incident during a race he hit himself so hard that he expected to see blood in his shorts after he finished. I recall another incident from the ’90’s, when there was mountain bike racing in the winter X-Games. Missy Giove, while racing in snow slalom, contacted her heavily studded rear wheel and shredded her race pants instantly, ouch.  A FenderBag or a fender of any sort would have provided some welcome protection.

I have come to really appreciate the reassuring feeling of having the FenderBag underneath me. Especially when I’m off the back of the saddle on a steep descent.  I refer to it as “Balls on the bag.”  Sometimes I might want to get a little bit lower, but that is the danger zone and like a lot of things in life sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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