Ride With Confidence Experience Performance

By Kat Fitzsimmons - December 22, 2017

The FenderBag Advantage

We believe that having a FenderBag on your bike gives you confidence and improves your ability to perform. A FenderBag will always be on your bike with your tool kit onboard, unless you take it off. The FenderBag provides protection for both you and your bike. Best of all, a FenderBag gets the weight off your back and on to your bike, nothing flopping around on your back; allowing you to ride with greater agility. We invite you to experience a new level of riding confidence and comfort. Increase your performance ability with a FenderBag. Be one of the first, get a FenderBag on Kickstarter.

ride with confidence experience performance

Easy Access With No Loss of Contents

With the convenient location of the FenderBag, you can easily open and inspect what tools are in it. The FenderBag is easy to take a visual of, and the upward facing zipper makes accessing the bag very simple. There is no need squat, look upside down, or worry about straps coming off your seat rails. Best of all, gravity helps keep your stuff in. If you happen to forget to zip it closed, tools and accessories will not drop out when riding down the trail.

Tool Bag Doesn't Get Holes From Giggling

The plastic fender helps protect the bottom of the bag from getting holes in it, unlike traditional seat bags. Mountain bike riding is a very rugged activity. All that bouncing around really makes a mess out of your tools. I have yet to find a multitool that does not disassemble its self. Well, even when this happens in your FenderBag, all the parts and pieces will be in the bag. Not finding their way out through little giggle holes.

Fender Protection

Go ahead, rip through puddles and have no fear of a little mud. Although the fender does not provide complete fender coverage, it provides good coverage. This fender keeps that occasion wet splash from plastering your shorts and jersey. Yes, you will still feel it a little but at a much reduce level. You can stop trying to ride around every wet spot on the trail. You will develop a more "straight forward" riding style. The fender helps protect your bike too. The high clearance fender picks up mud before pilling up on your suspension linkage, seat post/dropper, and back. Keeping your moving parts clean on your bike improves longevity of these expensive parts.

Aggressive Riding Position

A final perk that comes along with a FenderBag is the ability to adopt a more aggressive riding style. For those who like to come off the back of the saddle, like in really steep downhills or other extreme riding position situations. The fender gives you protection between you and the knobby tire.

We invite you to feel the confidence a FenderBag gives you and experience the ability to perform at a higher level.

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