Welcome To FenderBag

FenderBag is a start-up company involved in developing a new accessory product line for bicycles, The FenderBag! Patent Pending. Our first rollout is specifically designed for full-suspension bikes. However, this design doesn't fit all suspension bikes it does fit many bike styles. Plus it fits an assortment of other bike frame styles. Please view "Bike Fit", to see if it will fit on your bike.

It's been a lengthy process producing our first run of product. FenderBags are now available for purchase. We are not producing a large quantity at this time. So, supply is limited. If you like what you see and you are really wanting more storage on your bike. Now's the time to buy a FenderBag. Sign up for the newsletter and get noticed about special deals.

Rishi Grewal Likes FenderBags

By gerard - October 11, 2019
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Why Tara Cusack rides with a FenderBag

By Tara Cusack - September 19, 2019
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