Attaching The FenderBag

The FenderBag attaches to your bicycle seat tube/post. 

The Velcro straps and reusable silicon adhesive strips
 hold the FenderBag in place.

FenderBags don't fit all bikes. They do fit most bikes including full suspension and hardtail mountain or road style frames. Your bike must have the below space requirement to accommodate the FenderBag. 

Steps to mount your FenderBag on your bike:
a. Using only the Velcro straps (1), attach your FenderBag to your seat tube/post.
b. Adjust up or down until you are happy with the location on your seat tube/post.
c. Note where the straps go around the seat tube/post.
d. Remove the FenderBag, by taking the Velcro straps off the seat tube/post.
e. Re-mount the FenderBag, by first placing the reusable silicon adhesive strips (2) on the seat tube/post (where you noted previously in Step c.).
(f) Then secure the FenderBag to the seat tube/post with the velcro straps, by placing on the silicon adhesive strips.

mounting the FenderBag

Space requirement needed to mount a FenderBag

Center to center placement of
silicon adhesive: 

Large FenderBag: 8 inches / 20cm

Small FenderBag: 6.5 inches / 16.5cm


straighten the fenderbag
1. Make sure you have placed the FenderBag far enough above the rear tire so that it does not interfere when the rear suspension is activated. Try adjusting the rear suspension to a soft setting and push down on the saddle to activate the rear suspension. Readjust the placement of the FenderBag, if necessary.

2. Make sure the FB is straight. Stand behind your bike and look to see that the FenderBag is squarely above the rear tire. Release the Velcro straps, adjust, and retighten the Velcro straps to make any corrections. Do not pull the bag from side to side without releasing the Velcro straps. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the silicon adhesive strips.

* As with all accessories, working parts and attachments on a bicycle, always check to make sure your FenderBag is securely fastened to the seat tube/post. FenderBag does not warranty any malfunctions due to improper attachment to the bike.

silicon adhesive for attaching the FenderBag

The silicon adhesive strips that come with your FenderBag are a high-tech, nontoxic, reusable adhesive material. It is a very tacky adhesive, designed to hold whatever is stuck to it in place. If you get this adhesive dirty, covered in mud or sand for example, just rise it off with water and reapply. It will not lose any of its adhesive quality. You can remove it from your bike, wash and reapply or just hose it off while on your bike.

Additionally, the silicone protects your frame from getting scuff marks from the straps.

Avoid over stretching the adhesive strips. When applying, best to just place it around your seat tube with minimal stretching. There is plenty of adhesive to make it around. If you have extra, you can trim it with scissors or just overlap it onto itself.  It will tear if yanked on or stretched too far. It does withstand some stress but it is better to refrain from yanking or pulling on it. The silicon adhesive is not covered under our 2 year warranty. If you lose or damage it beyond being useful, you can purchase additional adhesive strips for $5 each. There is additional silicon on the straps themselves; however, our recommended attachment system requires using the stand alone silicon adhesive strips in addition.

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